Inhalation(O2)and exhalation(CO2) do not mix World’s first new oxygen mask
shenpix New Oxygen Mask

Medical device certification number:

Medium concentration oxygen mask

JapanUSAEU 28 countriesChinaKoreaTaiwan
Shape design registered.

Designed to facilitate draining of exhaled breath
and prevent dryness of the lips and oral cavity

  Mouth Cover:
Using moisture of exhalation to prevent dryness in the oral cavity prevents virus invasion.

Partition divides nose part (Inhalation)
and mouth part(Exhalation)

Partial design registered

An opening is made to facilitate exhalation in the lower part of the mask

Product specifications

The stated dimensions are standard dimensions and may differ from actual dimensions.

Background of development
of New Oxygen Mask

In the conventional oxygen mask, it was recommended to set the oxygen flow rate 4~5L/min or over in order to prevent CO2 from being stored in the oxygen mask and if the oxygen flow rate is low, since CO2 is heavier than O2, it accumulates in the lower part of the mask and it is re-inhaled.


It is said that the amount of CO2 (included in exhalation) exhaled by people is 38,000~50,000ppm, CO2 diffuses and becomes thin in the mask, but 2,000 to 3,000ppm still remains and people re-inhale, it is far beyond the upper limit(1,000ppm) of the worldwide environmental standard.

New Oxygen Mask solves this problem

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